About the company

Marin Design was founded in 2006, and has since then designed many vessels, both locally and internationally. Our employees consist of, among other, civil engineers, engineers, and skilled workers in steel/machine. They have practical experience within boat design, shipbuilding, and project management. Common for all of them are good qualifications and experience.

Our main office is in the middle of Norway, in a small city called Kolvereid. Our location gives us the opportunity to be geographically close to a lot of other companies within the maritime industry like shipbuilders, fisheries, fish farms, and logistics. We have a close cooperation with many of these. Our network and long experience within the industry gives us the freedom to face most challenges and missions head-on, whether they are big or small.

We have, over the years, designed a series of different vessels, including aquaculture service vessels, tugs, cargo ships, passenger and fishing boats. In addition, we have experience with reconstruction of existing vessels, and design of specialized vessels for specific purposes.

Since 2011 our quality system has been certified by Bureau Veritas, according to ISO 9001:2008 – Design and construction, stability calculations, and technological services and innovative environmentally correct solutions in the field of marine and maritime enterprises, nationally and internationally.

Marin Design is an approved company for control of Norwegian fishing vessels and cargo ships from 8 to 15 m maximum length.

Our goal is to create innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly vessels, which our customers can own with pride. Marin Design, “Turning experience and technology into reality”.