MS «Marøy Viking» is Yard Number 75 from Moen Marin AS, and was delivered to SinkabergHansen AS, Rørvik, on the 12th. September 2015.

Moen Marin says in a press release: “The vessel is build and equipped considering it shall handle the evolution in the Norwegian aquaculture, with increased specialization, bigger and heavier equipment, and rougher sites”.

Main particulars
  • Length o.a.:
    23,98 m
  • Length p.p.:
    21,60 m
  • Breadth mld.:
    11,20 m
  • Depth mld.:
    4,20 m
  • Accomodation for:
    6 persons
Tank capacities
  • Fuel Oil:
    40 m3
  • Fresh Water:
    20 m3
  • Main Engine:
    Baudouin 12M26.2 1.000 hk/749 kW
  • Crane:
    1xPK 90002, 1xPK 650002
  • Winch:
    1x60 tonn, 1x10 tons