MS «Sjåviknes» is yard number 19 at Viknaslipen AS, and was delivered to Sjåviknes AS 29th of April 2013. The vessel is equipped for shrimp trawl and danish seine.

The family company consist of father Bjørnar Sjåvik, and the sons Kent and Trond Viggo. This is boat number ten for the company, but the first they have had tailored for their needs. They now expect to increace both efficiency and catches.

Main particulars
  • Length o.a.:
    12,99 m
  • Length p.p.:
    12,35 m
  • Breadth mld.:
    5,30 m
  • Depth mld.:
    2,75 m
  • Frame Spacing:
    500 mm
  • Accomodation for:
    4 persons
Tank capacities
  • Cargo Room:
    35 m3
  • Fuel Oil:
    7 m3
  • Fresh Water:
    1,3 m3
  • Septioc Tank:
    0,5 m3
  • Main Engine:
    1xDeutz, 291 hk
  • Aux. Engine:
    1xSabb Iveco, 40 kVA
Use and class
  • Navigation Area:
    Coastal Fishing
  • Equipped for:
    Shrimp Trawl and Danish Seine
  • Building Material: