MS «Sommarøy» is the first fishing boat built at Folla Maritime Service AS in Flatanger. They were originally only building the hull on comission from Viknaslipen. However, due to many orders, Folla Maritime was asked to build the boat completely at Lauvsnes. The vessel was delivered in February 2016 to Øksnes Kystfiske, Ted Robin Endresen and Tom Grande. The vessel is equipped for coastal fishing.

“We have a larger working deck, electric heating, shower and a modern kitchen with all facilities, and a 360 degree view from the coffee corner in the boardhouse. So for us it will be whole new daily life”, says the skipper Remi Hermannsen to

Main particulars
  • Length o.a.:
    11,03 m
  • Length p.p.:
    10,50 m
  • Breadth mld.:
    4,70 m
  • Depth mld.:
    2,32 m
Tank capacities
  • Cargo Room:
    24 m3
  • Fuel Oil:
    2,9 m3
  • Fresh Water:
    1,2 m3